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Air Plants Dust Extraction servicing – caring for your system

In most factories and workplaces, the dust extraction system is the critical workhorse which helps all of the other factory machinery to run efficiently. After all, if your dust extraction plant was not running then your factory would not be running either. At Air Plants Dust Extraction, we know from many years of experience that not only is it critical to design and specify the correct dust extraction, but also just as important to care for it and ensure it continues to run effectively, efficiently and in compliance with regulations for many years. We have customers still operating Air Plants systems first installed over 40 years ago, as these plants have been serviced and maintained correctly from installation onwards.

Regular servicing by Air Plants Dust Extraction is vital for keeping your dust extraction system functioning at its very best. Air Plants stock a wide selection of consumables and spares at our UK factory for nationwide delivery and can offer service contracts for planned maintenance visits alongside COSHH and LEV inspections.

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Why it it is vital to look after your dust extraction system

  • Protecting your people and preventing illness
    Industrial dust can lead to many types of illness for your workforce. A well-maintained dust extraction system effectively captures and controls potential contaminants, protecting the health of your employees and visitors.
  • Optimum performance and avoiding costly downtime
    A well-maintained dust extraction system operates efficiently, extracting dust effectively and minimising energy consumption. If a system were neglected then it could potentially become clogged, reduce airflow, increase power consumption and have reduced capacity as a dust collector.
  • Complying with UK regulations and insurers requirements
    In the UK, the HSE (Health & Safety Executive) is the governing body for workplace safety and enforces strict regulations on the handling of dust in industrial environments. Regularly serviced equipment and good service record keeping are vital for demonstrating compliance with these regulations and are also often a condition of your business insurance policy.

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