Bulldog Wood Shredders

Britain's leading manufacturer of shredders and chippers

Bulldog Wood Shredders

Air Plants Dust Extraction Ltd and Bulldog Wood Shredders are part of the Air Plants group.

After many years of experience sourcing, installing and maintaining a vast range of wood shredders across the UK, Bulldog Wood Shredders found that long lead times, unstable currency exchange rates and high importation costs were impacting customers, and so they found a solution.

British-made, sturdy and powerful – the Bulldog shredder was designed to serve customers’ needs with engineering excellence and high-quality shredding power. Their team used their experience to design the Bulldog BD Range from scratch, ensuring that particular consideration was given to the main concerns of customers.

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The Bulldog BD Range Provides:

  • Robust build quality
  • Longevity
  • Low operating costs
  • Great lead times
  • UK manufactured

Product Benefits:

  • Generate Income – by-product can be sold for extra earnings
  • Save on Disposal Costs – cut out the costs for getting rid of waste
  • Reduce Carbon – use renewable fuel on site
  • Cleaner Workspace – reduce clutter by processing your fuel
  • Innovative Design – The Bulldog BD Range ensures a reliable solution

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