Dust Extraction and Dust Control Solutions

Dust Extraction, Dust Control, Fume Extraction, Waste Processing, Recycling and Waste to Energy Solutions

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Total Solutions for Dust and Fume Extraction

Dust Units

Dust Units, including Mobile, Standard, Multi Sleeve and Shaker Dust Units offer dust extraction solutions for a range of applications and dust types. 

Dust Extraction Solutions

Dust Extraction Solutions. Internal and external CycloneCartridge and Baghouse Dust Collectors provide safe and efficient control of dust and fumes.

Wood Dust Extraction

Wood Dust Extraction for any sized workshop. Air Plants offer expertise in wood dust extraction, enjoying a long established relationship with the woodworking industry.

Fume Extraction

Fume Extraction systems. Internal and External fume extraction solutions for safe and reliable fume control. Products include extraction arms and portable fume extractors.

Wood Shredders

Wood Shredders from our trusted suppliers at Untha are some of the waste processing and recycling solutions we have to offer.

Wood Waste Heating

Wood waste heating. Excellent waste to energy products. View the full range of hand fed and automatic heating units.

Spray Booths

Dry Back Spray Booths, built to handle paint, lacquer and adhesives. Sized to suit your application. 

Recent Installation

Recent Installation at EZT Mouldings in Herefordshire. Featuring the ModulairBaghouse Dust Collector and EcoGate System.

COSHH and LEV Testing

COSHH and LEV Testing. Support in complying with every requirement of COSHH Regulations. Qualified in the regular inspection and maintenance of your LEV systems.

EcoGate and Energy Saving

Air Plants EcoRange and EcoGate systems provide energy efficient and energy saving solutions to our clients. 

ATEX Button

ATEX approval across our complete range of dust extraction filters and cyclones. Dust control systems and components which are ATEX compliant to Directive 94/9/EC. 

…There were not many that offer the joined up solutions that Airplants/Talbott’s do…The communication and offer front end was exceptional…The product was on time to the promise I had, lead time was short…The system runs really well and does precisely what was specified…We now have a system that captures all of our process waste, whether that is directly extracted off the process or via a chipper that is connected into the woodwaste extraction system…We have been running the boiler system now 24/7 mainly to manage our waste stream. This has been tremendously helpful to our processes and we have benefitted from quality improvement and process waste reduction, oh and the workforce are comfortable too…

Stan Bond, 17.05.18

Director, Principal Doorsets Ltd

…Air Plants offered a very good dust control solution along with the benefit of being a local company, and this ticked all the boxes.  Previous history through smaller installations and servicing also gave us confidence in working with Air Plants on this much larger project.

Air Plants worked well with us through all stages of development – right from the initial specification and planning stages through to the install and commissioning.  The installation went without issue and the dust control system continues to operate as per what we were promised.

David Dean, 17.08.18

Thorpes Joinery

Visit us at this years W Exhibition to experience the latest in machinery, components and materials with the emphasis on live demonstration of products and process. W18 is the show for manufacturers of all sizes working across a huge range of product sizes.

Dust Extraction and Dust Control Systems for the UK Industry

Designed and Manufactured in the Heart of the UK

Over 50,000 dust extraction installations since 1897. Our dust control solutions range from a simple bag filter featured in our dust unit range or a cyclonic separator featured in our Cyclone Dust Collector. Internal or externally sited solutions are available for a range of dust and industry types.

Our name is soundly linked to high quality robustly engineered products. Installations are planned and prepared based on the specific needs of your workspace and size of your operation. Whether your installation is bespoke or standard, you can expect the same level of service and care and years of trouble free reliability.

Ongoing research, expert engineering and a strong commitment to safety, value and energy saving means we provide market leading dust control systems. Made using British manufactured components, we deliver the optimum in dust control solutions for any workspace.

Supporting customers nationally, you can expect a responsive after care service, onsite support, regular annual maintenance and fully guaranteed filters. High standards of service and a dedication to ensuring safer working environments are reflected in the satisfaction of our clients.

50,000 Dust Extraction and Dust Control Installations

Air Plants for the Total Solution since 1897

Air Plants Dust Extraction Ltd bring you a range of quality engineered dust extraction and dust control solutions.
Our product range services a wide range of dust types and industry types, featuring waste to energy products such as wood waste heaters and wood shredders and waste processing and recycling solutions. Our market leading products, manufactured in the heart of the UK include our robustly designed and cost effective dust units and environmentally conscious dust control solutions which can be seen in our EcoRange.

Air Plants dust extraction equipment is developed through an on-going dedication to engineering, design and research.

Offering expertise in woodworking dust extraction and many other industry types.

Air Plants Product Silhouettes

A breath of fresh air

Total Solutions for Dust and Fume Extraction

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Air Plants Product Silhouettes

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