Air Plants Axial Fans

Spray booth fans

Air Plants Axial Fans

Axial Fans, also referred to as Spray Booth Fans, provide the large volumes of air that are essential to deliver the face velocities required for the suitable ventilation of paint spray booths. Our axial fans provide air volume that is great enough to remove contaminants, but will not damage the paint finish.

Any build-up of paint, lacquer or varnish can present an explosive atmosphere should a spark occur in the system. All Air Plants Axial Fans used to exhaust a paint spray booth have a spark-resistant aluminium hub and a glass-reinforced polyamide blades.

Product Features

  • Saves kW and fuel
  • High pressure, low noise fan
  • Robust yet light-weight
  • Less wear and stress on motors
  • Flameproof motors available on request

Benefits of Axial Fans

  • High Velocity fans provide the large volumes of air required for the suitable ventilation of paint spray booths
  • Air volume strong enough to remove contaminants without damaging paint finish
  • Spark resistant aluminium hub prevents explosive atmosphere build-up

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