Air Plants Cyclofilter

An excellent dust extraction solution for medium to large-sized dust extraction applications

Air Plants Cyclofilter

Part of our Advanced Filter Technology (AFT) range of filters, the Cyclofilter employs an automatic reverse jet filter cleaning system. Reverse jet cleaning enables continuous “online” cleaning to ensure effective extraction for workplaces operating up to 24 hours a day.

This is achieved by maintaining a constant pressure drop across the filter media, using the Air Plants Dust Extraction Ltd intelligent clean-on demand pulse system.

The Cyclofilter units are suitable for medium to large-sized applications and can be installed externally. The Air Plants Cyclofilters are available in either flat-bottom or cone-bottom discharge to suit the business application.

Product Features

  • Constructed from high-quality galvanised carbon steel with option for paint finish suitable for its environment
  • Volume range from 10,000m³/h to 100,000m³/h plus
  • Suitable for dry and damp dust
  • Automatic reverse jet cleaning system to enable the filter to operate for 24 hours
  • Filter sleeve media to suit the application
  • The filter media is protected from degradation and high dust loads by a specially developed drop out chamber, fitted with a unique baffle arrangement to maintain a low upward velocity to enable efficient filter sleeve cleaning
  • Compliant with CoSHH, EPA and DSEAR (ATEX) requirements
  • Few moving parts, keeping maintenance to a minimum
  • Can handle high dust loads and difficult dusts
  • No cages or venturi, reducing downtime and storage during media change

Benefits of Cyclofilters

  • The advanced control system continually monitors the media pressure and activates the reverse jet cleaning only when required, giving a saving on the compressed air cost
  • Integrated Cyclonic Primary Separation (ICPS)
  • The doubled-induced air action maximising the cleaning when pulsing
  • The double cuff snap band seal design ensuring no dust, bypassing the filter media
  • The filters have integrated bag support rings to hold the bag

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