Air Plants Transair Bag Dust Collectors

An excellent solution for all sized dust particles

Air Plants Transair Bag Dust Collectors

Air Plants Transair Bag Dust Collectors are part of our ‘ECO Range’ of filters and are manufactured by Air Plants here in the UK. The unique non-blocking filter sleeve arrangement, together with careful airflow modelling, makes this range of filters exceptionally efficient.

Product Features

  • Resistance to airflow of less than 250pa resulting in smaller fan motors and lower running costs
  • Each filter sleeve is protected from degradation by larger chips using our steel inlet guards. This ensures long lasting filter media.
  • More robust than other filters which have spring cuff or snap band design
  • Unique filter sleeve cleaning system ensures excellent primary ‘cake’ retention, extending the life of the filter media and significantly increasing system efficiency
  • Filter sleeves have anti-static dust release coatings to ensure excellent secondary ‘cake’ release, extending the life of the filter media and improving system performance

Benefits of Multiair and Transair Dust Collectors

  • Part of the ECO Range
  • Galvanised steel construction (paint optional)
  • Various filter media to suit application
  • Various dust discharge options
  • Compliant with COSHH and EPA regulations and HSE guidance

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