Air Plants Dust Extraction manufacture and install market-leading dust extraction products for all industries

The Installation Journey

  1. Site Assessment
    Our team gets to know your workshop, its dust challenges, and your vision for a cleaner, safer environment.
  2. Bespoke Design
    We collaboratively design a system that perfectly fits your needs, considering dust types, volume, budget, and existing infrastructure.
  3. Seamless Installation
    Our experienced engineers ensure meticulous installation, minimising disruption and ensuring system integrity.
  4. Commissioning and Testing
    We rigorously test your system for optimal performance and compliance with regulations.

The Result

A dust extraction system that’s as unique as your business, contributing to:

  • Improved worker health and safety
  • Enhanced productivity and reduced downtime
  • Optimised energy efficiency and cost savings
  • Peace of mind knowing you’re compliant with regulations

Ready to breathe easier and unlock the full potential of your workshop? Contact us today for a free consultation and discover the power of Air Plants Dust Extraction.

Here are just a few examples of our dust extraction installations around the UK.

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