Air Plants Bag Dust Collectors

Dust control for woodworking and automotive industries, schools and colleges

Air Plants Bag Dust Collectors

The Air Plants Dust Extraction range of baghouse dust collectors provide filter, control and extraction of dust from the workplace and are suitable for medium to large sized applications. Our baghouse dust collectors offer external and internal solutions for safe and reliable control of dust.

There are baghouse dust collectors to suit a range of dust types including wood dust and plastic dust, and industry types including the woodworking and automotive industries.

Our baghouse dust collectors offer full shift with break and 24-hour operation dust extraction systems. All of Air Plants baghouse dust collectors are compliant with COSHH and EPA dust extraction requirements.

How Our Bag Dust Collectors Work

  • Air from inside the workshop, laden with dust and waste, is drawn by a fan and carried through ducting where it is filtered through large fabric bags called filter sleeves.
  • Air flows through the bag filters and the dust and waste particles accumulate on the outside or inside of the bag, depending on which filter system is suited to your dust extraction requirements.
  • As the dust and waste collects and forms a layer, it drops from the filter sleeves due to gravity or via auto pulse jet cleaning.
  • Baghouse dust collectors are ideal for handling large volumes of dust and waste particulates, often being extracted from multiple applications within the workshop.

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