Why Do I Need Dust Extraction?

Air Plants Dust Extraction Ltd have installed and supported over 50,000 dust extraction installations throughout the UK since 1897. Ongoing research and expert engineering make us innovators in the dust extraction industry.

Why Do You Need Dust Extraction?

In many workplaces, dust can cause serious health problems and potential fire and explosion hazards. Protecting against the dangers of dust is crucial.

Simply, dust is made up of small, airborne particles. Most are too small to be seen but can be breathed in through the nose and mouth. Dust we inhale is usually filtered out in the nasal passages, however, very fine dust is able to travel to our lungs and into other organs of the body. Fine dust also stays in the air for much longer.

Across many industries, the use of powered machinery and tools can create large amounts of dust. Some materials. i.e certain wood and metal types, can create particularly hazardous dust. Apart from airborne dust being harmful, resulting waste needs to be disposed of carefully.

Efficient dust extraction ensures that you protect your health and that of your employees, creating a safer working environment, reducing risks and even helping machinery to work more efficiently. By capturing, conveying and filtering dust, dust extraction improves air quality by removing potentially harmful particulates such as wood dust from the air.

Benefits of an Air Plants Dust Extraction Solution

  • Protect the health of employees in the workplace
  • Reduce the risk of fire and explosions
  • Limit time spent on cleaning up
  • Prevent slips and trips caused by settled dust
  • Maintain the efficiency of your machinery
  • Comply with COSHH regulations
  • Reduce allergens and bacteria
  • Reduce hazardous and harmful dust

An extremely effective way of controlling dust is through a Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) system, comprising of ducting, filter and fanset. Dust is captured by means of hoods which are placed around the application. Airflow, induced into the hoods by the fanset then carries the dust through ducting to the filter which removes the dust from the air.

One LEV system can provide dust extraction for multiple machines. Getting the right LEV system for your workplace is paramount. Control of Substances Hazardous to Health 2002 (C.O.S.H.H) are Statutory Regulations that stipulate how employers should protect employees and others in the workplace from the hazards of substances such as dust. General requirements are set out for risk assessment, monitoring, control of exposure and preventing and reducing harm to health.

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