Introducing Air Plants’ New Generation of Cartridge Dust Collectors

Air Plants Dust Extraction | New Generation of Cartridge Dust Collectors

This new generation of dust collectors delivers a dust-free working environment, whilst reducing air emissions and saving energy.

This is achieved by using cartridge filters which provide more filter area, with less filter elements, than a comparably sized bag dust collector.

The new Jet Air Mini incorporates conical cartridge filters which clean more effectively than parallel filter alternatives. The cone-shaped construction ensures that the dust falls away from the filter during cleaning, reducing re-entrainment of dust. The filter cartridges are continuously cleaned whilst in operation keeping production downtime to an absolute minimum.

The new Jet Air Mini dust collector also features energy-efficient dust extraction fans to help reduce energy costs. It is a highly versatile filter unit which, together with the correct filter media, makes it suitable for a variety of applications.

If you are handling explosive dusts, ATEX compliant versions of the filter unit are also available. These have anti-static and explosion protection built-in as standard.

The new Jet Air Mini dust collector will be available from Air Plants soon, so call John Osman today on 07769 300040 to discuss your business’s dust extraction needs.