HSE Updates

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) are targeting woodworking factories that have insufficient extraction.

One of the latest updates on HSE eBulletin, issued on 22nd February 2022, has advised that Inspectors be visiting woodworking businesses across Great Britain:

From April 2022, HSE Inspectors will be visiting woodworking businesses across Great Britain to ensure dutyholders know the risks associated with woodworking and have effective controls in place to keep workers safe and protect their respiratory health.

The Health and Safety Executives have visited over 200 woodworking businesses in the last two quarters, with disappointing results so far – 50% of those businesses are still showing breaches, and 25% of those businesses have received enforcement notices (at an average of at least two per business). At present 118 notices have been issued.

What are the next steps?

700 business visits are planned for next year which will cover Dust, Noise and Machinery Guarding. So far, a lack of engagement in the industry is perceived compared to other industries so now HSE will take a much more robust approach. Therefore, enforcement and prosecution may well increase.

For more information take a look at the HSE eBulletin here.

Alternatively, take a look at the updated woodworking guidance here.

If your business is in the woodworking industry, get in touch with Air Plants Dust Extraction to find out how we can help your business meet HSE compliance requirements.