How Does an Air Plants Dust Extraction System Work?

Wood waste and dust management are essential components of the woodworking industry. Despite strict HSE regulations, the safe and effective removal of wood and dust waste doesn’t need to be a daunting prospect. Air Plants Dust Extraction explore what makes an effective dust extraction system and how it works to protect your business.

Why do we need dust extraction for wood dusts?

Wood dust extraction is necessary to protect people, property and production from the harmful dust produced by woodworking, manufacturing and milling processes. Harmful dusts and shavings can be produced via primary wood applications (such as a sawmill) or via secondary wood applications (such as kitchen units or joinery manufacture).

HSE is actively investigating woodworking factories to ensure that safe and effective dust control measures are in place. Having a comprehensive dust extraction system is central to ensuring clean air and a safe working environment for the company and workforce.

Air Plants Dust Extraction is on hand to advise what works are required to ensure your business meets or exceeds current guidelines for dust extraction systems.

System & Solution Types

Air Plants Dust Extraction design and manufacture a wide range of dust extraction filters and dust extraction systems. We firmly believe that there is no “one size fits all” approach to dust extraction and our experienced dust extraction engineering team will design a complete dust extraction solution that is correctly matched to the customer’s individual requirements and machinery configuration.

An example system found in a wood dust application would be a typical ATEX approved baghouse dust collector installation. This type of system would be configured to capture dust at the source via automated direct machine connections or localised capture points to be conveyed within appropriately dimensioned ductwork at a specifically designed airflow velocity. Air Plants filter systems are designed to operate with low resistance and intelligent control systems, offering highly efficient dust extraction systems with minimal energy usage.

All Air Plants Dust Extraction systems are configured & installed with the appropriate ATEX-rated equipment.

Every Air Plants Dust Extraction System supplied, designed and installed is done in compliance with the latest HSE guidance & COSHH regulations. We offer comprehensive LEV Testing and Dust Extraction Servicing to ensure ongoing compliance.

Key Features & Components

Dust Collection at Source:

This method ensures dusts or shavings created during production processes are extracted directly from woodworking machinery (otherwise known as the ‘source’). Air Plants Dust Extraction have the capability to design and manufacture bespoke hoods or manifolds based upon the extraction requirements provided by the machinery supplier.Air Plants work on the principle that it is imperative to achieve efficient dust capture using the most appropriate method & correct air velocities to aid your production.

Dust Transport:

This element includes both the ATEX High Efficiency Fanset & the specially dimensioned ductwork/pipe work that conveys the collected material from collection points right through the system – correct design/sizing of this ductwork system along with appropriate sizing of the fanset is critical for effective dust control and also for maximum energy efficiency of the extraction system in operation.

Safety Components:

Air Plants Dust Extraction always puts safety first – within an Air Plants ATEX rated dust extraction system the safety components are of the highest importance. Every dust collection system designed to handle potentially combustible dust such as wood dust must ensure the appropriate risk mitigation measures are in place – common safety components include correctly sized explosion vent areas & explosion isolation valves.


The centrepiece of every dust extraction system is the dust collector itself. Air Plants Dust Extraction have been designing and manufacturing dust extraction filters for over a century. With this experience each of our filters are designed to compliment the dust extraction system, filter the extracted air with the highest efficiency, and perform robustly for many years. We have customers that have been using Air Plants filters every day for many decades so we understand the importance of reliability. The Air Plants dust filter & correct filtration area/velocity is selected specifically for the type of dust being handled.

Filter Cleaning System:

Every Air Plants dust collector cleaning system exhibits the best in efficient cleaning technology, but which is right for you? Depending upon the application Air Plants Dust Extraction are able to offer automatic filter regeneration on shutdown or reverse jet compressed air pulse cleaning to extend the life of your dust extraction system and filter system.

Material Discharge:

The specially configured dust collector is the correct method of safely discharging the material ejected by the dust collector cleaning system. There are many ways to do this and the correct solution will be bespoke to the customers requirements. We manufacture our highly robust Air Plants Rotary Valves in Leicester and these are a reliable, efficient way to discharge wood waste material often specified.

Ancillary Components:

Air Plants can offer a wide range of ancillary components for processing and handling waste. We also offer a full turnkey solution which takes the extracted dust and converts it into renewable energy for heating your factory. Get in touch to discuss your requirements today by emailing us here.

If your business is in the woodworking industry, get in touch with Air Plants Dust Extraction to find out how we can provide your business with dust extraction solutions.