Dust Extraction and Dust Control Systems for UK Industry



Woodworking Internal Units

Based on your requirements the best options for your industry would be the Multi Sleeve Unit, the CEF Unit, the Dust Unit or the Mini Turbo. Please see below for specifications  to decide which option suits your industry best.

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Multi Sleeve

– Small to medium sized workshops

– Fine particle extraction

– Fixed unit

CEF Unit



– Ideal for small to medium sized workshops
– Ideal for low volumes
– Fixed Unit

Dust Types

– Fine particle extraction
– Softwood / Hardwood / MDF / Chipboard / Plastics

Key Features

Ideal for schools and colleges, the CEF filter is perfect where a stand alone plant extraction solution is preferred. with 4 models and an extraction rate from 2000m³ per hour to 7000m³, the CEF filter features Automatic Shaking and Fan Silencer as standard. For applications that include multi-extraction points such as sanders, band saws, circular saws, finishers and polishers

– British design and manufacture

– Compliance with C.O.S.H.H & E.P.A requirements


Dust Unitdustunit


– Furniture Manufacture, Jointery & Woodworking, Automotive Industry

– Internal or External

Dust Types

– Large Particle Extraction

– Softwoods / Hardwoods / MDF / Chipboard / Plastics

Key Features

Designed for the smaller workshop in industry, schools and colleges, the Unit Dust Filter provides a cost-effective solution to dust control of sanders, band saws and circular saws, linishers etc

The Unit Dust Filter is available in 11 models ranging from 1 sleeve to 33 sleeves, from 1020m per hour to 5100m per hour. The Unit Dust Filter can be supplied claed or unclad and can ben wheeled for portable worshop control or sited externally if space is at a premium.

– Heavy duty fans as standard

– Proven universal appeal

– Single or three phase solutions

– Compliance with C.O.S.H.H & E.P.A requirements 



Mini Turbo 

– Small mobile unit

– Ideal for large particles

– Use in small to medium sized workshops





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