Woodworking Dust Extraction

Where do you require a woodworking dust extraction solution? Find Internal and External Woodworking Solutions including Baghouse, Cyclone and Cartridge Dust Collectors.
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 Dust Extraction Systems for Woodworking Industries

Air Plants Dust Extraction Ltd enjoy a long established relationship with woodworking industries. We offer a range of woodworking dust extraction systems including our dust units plus baghouse, cartridge and cyclone filters which provide internal and external solutions for intermittent, full shift with break and continuous operation.

Providing woodworking dust extraction for timber mill, joinery and furniture manufacturing, schools and colleges we offer solutions for applications including band saws, sanders, circular saws and CNC routers. Our wood dust extraction systems are suited to coarse and fine wood dust and for large and small volumes of dust.

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Woodworking Dust Extraction


The joinery and furniture manufacturing sectors play a very important part in the UK manufacturing industry, offering a diverse range of products for domestic, commercial and construction markets.

Air Plants Dust Extraction Ltd are proud of their relationship with woodworking industries and offer them expertise and experience along with robust, reliable and cost effective systems for dust extraction, heating and waste to energy solutions.

Air Plants offer woodworking dust extraction solutions for a range of large, medium and small applications. Our products include our Dust Units and Shaker Units, Central Vacuum System and Downdraft Bench. Also our Filters, including Baghouse, Cartridge and Cyclone Dust Collectors, some of which can be placed internally within larger buildings.

Our woodworking dust extraction product range includes portable solutions and solutions which are ideal for intermittent use or for 24/7 operation. Many of our systems are great for workshops in schools and colleges.

Air Plants offer woodworking dust extraction for a range of wood dust types including hardwood, softwood, MDF, and chipboard.

Our product range also features waste to energy products such as wood waste heaters and waste processing products such as wood shredders. Wood waste provides an excellent source of biomass energy. By using wood waste heaters and boilers waste is converted to energy.

An extraordinary material, wood offers unique beauty, is strong, warm and welcoming to live with. Better still, wood is naturally renewable and offers a simple way to lower C02 emissions, the main cause of climate change.

When wood from Britain’s sustainable forests is used for building and furniture manufacturing, the C02 stays locked up for decades. Wood can also be substituted for steel, aluminium, concrete and plastics which require large amounts of energy to produce, compared to the production and processing of wood.

Additionally, wood waste can be processed to manufacture a large range of products for different markets and recycled wood from post industrial sources can be used for landscaping, pathways, play surfaces, paddocks and animal bedding.

Dust Extraction and Dust Control Systems for the UK Industry, designed and manufactured in the heart of the UK

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