Woodfit Acoustics Case Study

A New, Modern Dust Extraction Plant

Increasing Efficiency and Reducing Energy Consumption

Woodfit Acoustics based in Co. Westmeath Ireland. Quality, Dependability and Innovation since 1979.

With a client base that spans the globe, and 40 years experience in delivering high profile projects, Woodfit Acoustics is the world’s leading provider of wooden acoustic panelling.

Combining expertise in acoustic engineering and design, Woodfit turn their client’s creative visions into reality and have earned a reputation for the highest levels of skill and craftsmanship.

Today Woodfit have world class manufacturing facilities and almost 50 employees across 3 buildings.

Starting out as a manufacturer of bespoke kitchen cabinets; Woodfit Acoustics have progressed and succeeded in becoming a world renowned specialist fabricator of superior wooden acoustic panels.

Air Plants Dust Extraction Ltd installed the original dust extraction plant in 1999. Various additions and modifications have been made over the years to accommodate the expansions that have taken place at Woodfit Acoustics.

With the addition of a new factory area, Woodfit approached Air Plants to discuss their requirements for a new, modern dust extraction plant.

Solution Provided: Air Plants Cyclone Dust Collector and Untha Wood Shredder

In 2017, Air Plants designed, supplied and installed a Cyclo Filter plant with a 37kW High Efficiency Fan set. The externally sited system has a small footprint and handles an air volume of 29,000mtr³/hour.

Wood waste from the filter discharges into two sealed skips.

The new plant is fitted with pneumatic blast gates. This semi-automated system allows gates to some of the machine connections to shut off air when it is not required. This results in a more efficient system and helps to reduce energy consumption.

The Cyclone Dust Collector boasts automatic reverse jet cleaning and 95% separation prior to bag filtration. It is also compliant with C.O.S.H.H. and E.P.A. requirements.

Clean air is returned to the factory.

An internally sited Untha LR630 Wood Shredder handles a wood waste volume of 1 to 7 m³ per week.

Off-cuts are collected from around the factory and fed into the shredder.

LR630 Untha Wood Shredder
Woodfit Acoustics Factory
Woodworking Machine with Ducting