Wood Waste Heating

Hand Fed and Automatic Wood Waste Heating Solutions

T Range and CM Range

Warm air or medium pressure hot water systems

Utilise on-site generated wood waste to produce heating

Combusts MDF, Chipboard, Softwood and Hardwood

Approved for use within smoke controlled areas

Meet emissions requirements of the Clean Air Act

Easy to operate

An excellent solution for factory space wood waste heating and disposal

Waste to Energy Solution

Suitable for solid wood offcuts or pallets

T Range and C Range

Hot air or Hot water Systems available

Advanced control techniques

Suitable for extracted wood dust, chips, shavings, MDF, chipboard and shredded wood waste, hardwood, softwood,

Clean and smoke free utilisation of wood waste or biomass fuels

Utilising wood chippings, hardwood, softwood, mdc or chipboard

Exempt under the Clean Air Act for use within smoke control areas

Meet Environmental Permitting or EPA requirements

C Range Hot water wood waste heating systems are eligible for the Governments Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme.

Simple and Cost Effective Heating Solution

Reduce Carbon Emissions

Produce Carbon Neutral Energy with Biomass Wood Chips or Pellets

Sizes available from 199kW to 1500kW

Eligible for the Governments Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme (RHI) 

Biomass Heat System

Wood Waste Heating = Waste into Energy 

The process of waste to energy involves converting non recyclable waste into usable fuel or heat. This kind of energy is renewable, as it can be used repeatedly to create energy. It also helps to lower carbon emissions as it reduces the need to create energy from fossil fuels such as oil and gas.

An example of turning waste to energy is wood waste heating. Air Plants workplace heating products use combustion to burn solid waste such as wood, at high temperature to convert it into heat.

Air Plants Dust Extraction Ltd also offer a range of workplace solutions for the processing of wood waste.

Biomass power is carbon neutral. Wood, for example takes carbon out of the atmosphere as it grows and it releases the same amount of carbon as it is burned.  Biomass energy is generated from organic waste such as wood that would otherwise be disposed of in landfill or be openly burned.

Essentially, biomass fuel allows us to harness energy from waste. With wood waste heating for example, wood is burned to heat the workplace providing you with a renewable and sustainable way of turning waste to energy.

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