Wood Shredders

Single and Four Shaft Wood Shredders
LR520 Wood Shredder
 LR630 Wood Shredder
LR700 Wood Shredder

Reliable and Robust Wood Shredders

These Untha single shaft and four shaft wood shredders, selected by Air Plants Dust Extraction Ltd, offer exceptional engineering and reliable and cost effective wood shredding solutions for our clients.

Offering a long service life and reliability, our range of wood shredders come with a 3 year warranty or 2000 h (depending which occurs first).

Suitable for a range of waste volumes, applications and industries, these wood shredders can handle a wide range of wood waste materials.

MDF, Chipboard, OSB, Hardwood, Softwood, Veneers (mixed with wood), Cardboards (mixed with wood), Paper, Logs, Pallets, Bark, Solid Timber Waste and Demolition wood.

Air Plants range of wood shredders offer solutions for any application in the woodworking workshop, turning your wood waste into a valuable resource. 

The wood shredders create a homogenous final product which is perfect for heat recovery systems and the production of wood briquettes which allow you to turn waste into energy through wood waste heating.

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