The Wensley Group Case Study


A Specially Designed Extraction, Heating and Shredding System

A Total Solution reducing noise levels and C02 emissions, offering real savings in running costs and exceptional reliability
The Wensley Group, Reddich, manufacture bespoke and mass produced joinery using traditional wood crafting skills along with the latest cutting edge technology and 21st century materials

Solution Required

  • A low energy dust extraction system and a biomass boiler to provide heat for a new production facility.
  • An extraction system to cope with hand sanding, orbital sanders and large quantities of fine and harmful dust in the workplace.
  • Minimise risks to employees by extracting dust directly at the source.

Solution Provided

  • A dust control system that disposes of solid waste and collected dust.
  • Workplace heating solution using Biomass Fuel.
  • Savings on land fill and rising factory heating fuel costs.
  • Attracting Renewable Heat Incentive payments and helping to protect the environment.
  • Significantly lower CO2 footprint.
Dust Control System
  • An Air Plants self-cleaning Transair Filter, Baghouse Dust Collector.
  • Specifically designed to present a very low resistance to the incoming air, combined with High Efficiency centrifugal fans operating at an efficiency of up to 80%
  • Low noise levels.
  • Exceptional reliability with the minimum of service requirement
Wensley Group Installation
Biomass Combustion
  • The Talbott C Range Automatic Heating Unit
  • Advanced combustion control techniques, ensuring longevity as well as meeting stringent emissions standards.
  • Durable, robust, British manufactured unit.
Central Vacuum System
  • RUPES HE900 turbine Hivac Central Vacuum System together with a high pressure ring main to serve all of the work benches.
  • Orbital sander plugs into ring main creating suction through the sander, picking up dust as it is created.
  • Two stage separation filter with automatic filter cleaning by reverse jet pulse operates with continuous maximum efficiency.
central vacuum system
Wood Shredder
  • An Untha LR1000 Shredder.
  • Reducing solid waste, transfering it to the combustion system via the extraction system.
  • Unique hydraulically actuated swing pusher (load dependent) presses the material against the rotor which is equipped with indexable cutters.
  • The cutters grab the material and shred it against the static cutting bars and perforated screen.
  • A highly reliable system and with exceptional build quality and standard 3 year warranty.