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Air Plants Dust Extraction Ltd offer a variety of waste to energy solutions. Our product range includes wood waste heaters, wood shredders and briquetters, providing the opportunity for our clients to turn their woodworking waste to energy.

Why is it so important to invest in a waste to energy product?

There are many reasons to convert your waste to energy within the workplace, two of the main reasons that motivate our clients are that it allows you to save money and also reduce your carbon footprint.

Turing waste to energy reduces the original volume of solid waste, decreasing the space it takes up and the stress on landfills.

The waste to energy process involves converting non recyclable materials such as woodworking waste into fuel and heat.

Combustion is a process of turing waste into energy and our wood waste heaters, wood shredders and briquetters offer our clients a cost effective and efficient method of utilising wood waste to generate heating and hot water.