Tyre Recycling

Tyre Recycling

The UK produces millions of waste tyres each year and it is important that they are disposed of legally and in an environmentally safe way. Abandoned tyres cause environmental and health hazards to local communities. Illegally abandoned tyres can for example, pose a serious fire risk.

The tyre recycling industry is growing in response to the expectation to recover materials and recycle. In 2013 the Government implemented it’s Reducing and Managing Waste Policy.

Tyres are usually made of a mixture of rubber, textile and steel and can contain oil and other chemicals. Metal rims from tyres can be separated and refurbished, re-sold or used for scrap metal.

Waste tyres can be used as fuel for cement kilns, furniture and shoes. Bales of tyres can be used in the engineering of flood defences. When tyres are recycled, they can be granulated to a rubber crumb which can be used for sports surfaces, carpet underlay, asphalt for roads and children’s play surfaces.

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