“I have known Air Plants for 50 years so have established a professional relationship with the company and have always been happy with them.
I trust Air Plants and know that I can tell them what I want and they will do it. I have never had any issues with them.
The installation team were meticulous in making sure everything was done right. The team are very, very professional and there were no problems whatsoever.
Any questions I have are always answered and I have always been satisfied with the service from Air Plants.
I am happy with the products installed and the Ecogate system is working exactly as Air Plants said it would. Although the system is new, I understand the long term benefits it will provide.”

Peter Smith, EZT Ltd, 28/11/16

“The new system has had a major impact upon the manufacturing plant, both in terms of improved quality of finish on our CNC machines and also the overall appearance of the factory. No longer do we have to contend with excess shavings and dust on the factory floor, as it is dealt with efficiently and effectively at source.

Air Plants have provided a professional and practical service during the installation and Lance Morley was particularly committed to helping us through what could have been a major upheaval.

The project was fairly painless and we never felt that we were disrupted in achieving production targets while the plant was being assembled”

Nick Hare, Komfort Workspace Production Director