“We have worked with Air plants for over 30 years the price was competitive, good to work with and we know the system works…First class it was more of a team exercise working together on a major project as previously.”

Stephen Hannan, Works Manager, Hill’s Panel Products, 05/11/18

“We chose to use Air Plants because of their unique turn key systems and that they offered a combination of extraction, collection and integration with a Biomass Boiler.  This was important for the environmental credentials of Thorpes and in the minimisation of running costs of the new facility.  It is also part of our ethos to facilitate the services of local suppliers and manufacturers whenever possible.  Air Plants offered a very good dust control solution along with the benefit of being a local company, and this ticked all the boxes.  Previous history through smaller installations and servicing also gave us confidence in working with Air Plants on this much larger project.

Air Plants worked well with us through all stages of development – right from the initial specification and planning stages through to the install and commissioning.  The installation went without issue and the dust control system continues to operate as per what we were promised.”

David Dean, Director of Operations/H&S, Thorpes Joinery, 17/08/18

“The outset we knew Airplants as we had used them for a previous network installation at our Bideford site in 2014. We went out to completive tender on this latest project looking both separately and system based. There were not many that offer the joined up solutions that Airplants/Talbott’s do. So the selection process was not difficult as there were only three suppliers that were of the quality we sought.

The communication and offer front end was exceptional. Both AP Lance and Talbott’s Matt worked on the optimal solution and convinced us that we ought to future proof the installation with the appropriate boiler. We took on board their recommendations of boiler and extraction configuration and placed our order.

The product was on time to the promise I had, lead time was short as we wanted to get ready before moving in plant and equipment that would have hindered access had it been in place. The extraction filter boxes where fully overhauled and new filter sleeves fitted. We had a new fan and motor with a frequency controller fitted to optimise the running of the unit. The electronics were overhauled and linking of the two fan sets with stop, start and emergency stop circuits. The system runs really well and does precisely what was specified.

We now have a system that captures all of our process waste, whether that is directly extracted off the process or via a chipper that is connected into the woodwaste extraction system. There are signals to show when we are making too much that prompts us to slow the chipping of waste.

We have been running the boiler system now 24/7 mainly to manage our waste stream. This has been tremendously helpful to our processes and we have benefitted from quality improvement and process waste reduction, oh and the workforce are comfortable too. We have hot air heat in the factory when required, hot water and hot water piped to our radiators keeping us all comfortable.

We needed help when we first started using the boiler. Talbott’s were very helpful and went out of their way to ensure that we understood what was necessary to run the plant and maintain it at peak condition. We networks Talbott’s technical team in so that on line monitoring and adjustment (Kevin Gibson) could be done. Talbotts even sent an engineer in to demonstrate how to clean and maintain the system, outstanding!”

Stan Bond, Director, Principal Doorsets Ltd, 17/05/18

“I have known Air Plants for 50 years so have established a professional relationship with the company and have always been happy with them.
I trust Air Plants and know that I can tell them what I want and they will do it. I have never had any issues with them.
The installation team were meticulous in making sure everything was done right. The team are very, very professional and there were no problems whatsoever.
Any questions I have are always answered and I have always been satisfied with the service from Air Plants.
I am happy with the products installed and the Ecogate system is working exactly as Air Plants said it would. Although the system is new, I understand the long term benefits it will provide.”

Peter Smith, EZT Mouldings Ltd, 28.11.16

“The new system has had a major impact upon the manufacturing plant, both in terms of improved quality of finish on our CNC machines and also the overall appearance of the factory. No longer do we have to contend with excess shavings and dust on the factory floor, as it is dealt with efficiently and effectively at source.

Air Plants have provided a professional and practical service during the installation and Lance Morley was particularly committed to helping us through what could have been a major upheaval.

The project was fairly painless and we never felt that we were disrupted in achieving production targets while the plant was being assembled”

Nick Hare, Komfort Workspace Production Director