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An excellent solution for very fine and small particles of dust

Our Auto Shaker Dust Units consist of a centrifugal fan, filter section with auto shaker and hopper section. Air Plants high performance centrifugal fans offer the best extraction outcome and a low energy rate consumption.

The CEF1, CEF2 and CEF3 models feature one 70L dust collection bin and the CEF4 model features two 70L collection bins. The 4 auto shaker dust units offer an airflow range from 2000 to 14,000 m³/h.

Ideal for the small to medium sized workshop

4 models available

Extraction rate of 2000m³ to 14,000m³ per hour

Automatic shaking and fan silencer as standard

Perfect for schools and colleges

Suitable for low volumes

Fixed unit, ideal as a stand alone plant unit

Compliance with COSHH & E.P.A requirements

A great solution for applications with multi-extraction points

Auto Shaker Dust Unit

Dust Type








Industry Types







Furniture Manufacture






Band saws

Circular saws



The standard shut down procedure allows for a run down time for the fan followed by a timed operation of the shaker motor which agitates the filter elements and allows any dust to be shaken off the elements and be collected in the waste bin.

The extraction inlet is located on the lower section of the unit under the filter elements, the heavier particles entering the filter will hit the deflection plate installed to the inlet and drop to the collection bin.

Contaminated air travels through the separation elements or filter sleeves and is filtered and discharged back to atmosphere.

Choose from the CEF1, CEF2, CEF3 or CEF 4 models for internally and externally sited dust control solutions
Shaker Dust Unit

Externally sited units can be provided with an additional feature allowing clean air to be returned to the workplace. Please talk to us if you are interested in this feature.

Shaker Dust Unit Specifications

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