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Service and maintenance is available to all our clients and can include cleaning filters, lubricating moving parts, changing filter sleeves and any faulty parts, greasing bearings and cleaning ducting.

We provide COSHH assessments and LEV Testing and our experienced and fully trained engineers are on hand to make sure that your LEV, dust or fume extraction system is operating at it’s best ensuring that it provides the trouble free reliability that our products are recognised for.

A COSHH assessment can identify if there is anything wrong with a system, and regular LEV servicing maintains the system so that it runs effectively. Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) tests should be carried out every 14 months.

For the smooth operation of any dust or fume extraction plant, it is essential to perform routine system maintenance, therefore pre-empting any issues and minimising the risk of breakdown to the safe ventilation of dust and fumes.

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