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Air Plants design and manufacture a range of industrial fans, including our high efficiency, loading and axial fans which are all manufactured in the UK. A range of fan models are available to suit the requirements of the dust extraction system and all of our fans are fully compliant with essential Health and Safety requirements.

All LEV systems contain a fan to bring in clean air from outside and exhaust contaminated air from inside the workplace. The fan is an essential part of a fume or dust extraction system. The main air mover in the extraction system, the fan must be the appropriate size and type and provide enough air movement to capture harmful contaminants at their source, draw and carry them through the ducting system, discharge them into the filter and remove or exhaust the dust and fumes.

Industrial Fans Safety Compliance

All of our industrial fans are ATEX certified. This means we guarantee that all our fume and dust extraction fans fully meet Health and Safety requirements and undergo conformity procedures. The ‘Ex’ symbol certifies that the fans are tested and fit for purpose.

Our dust extraction fans work safely and efficiently to provide excellent control of dust and fumes for a range of dust and industry types.

Why Choose Air Plants Industrial Dust Extraction Fans

  • Maintain low levels of noise and vibrations
  • Comply with COSHH & EPA requirements
  • ATEX Approved
  • Modular construction
  • Compliance with standards EN 13463-1:2009, EN 13463-5:2011, EN 1127-1:2011 and EN 14896:2007

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