Wood Shredders

Untha Wood Shredders

Wood Shredders

Air Plants are a proud distribution partner of UNTHA, who have been manufacturing wood shredders since 1970. Like Air Plants products, they are designed and manufactured to meet the highest standards. This enables them to produce products which are very reliable and offer a long service life.

Available models: LR520, LR630, LR700, LR1000 and LR1400

Product Features and Benefits

  • Replacement indexable cutters and cutter holders
  • Innovative indexable cutter geometry, enabling a pull-through cutting motion
  • Precisely defined cutting clearance between indexable cutters and cutting bar
  • Highest quality standards in production
  • High-quality bearings with an extremely long service life
  • Powerful drive concept, including gearbox damping stop
  • Reliable hydraulic system
  • Automatic foreign material detection and stop
  • Automatic reverse function to prevent motor overloading
  • Automatic shut-off when idling
  • User-friendly operation panel on the control cabinet
  • Reliable and economical cutting system
  • High availability and trouble-free operation
  • Simple operation and sophisticated controls

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