Oil Mist Filter

Oil Fumes Depurator

Oil Mist Filtration


This Oil Mist Filter is designed for oil smoke, fumes and oil mist mod. The Oil Mist Filter works by filtering and purifying oil mist and fumes and removing solid particles.

With a clapet valve for the discharge of oil that drops into the collecting chamber and an electric panel for the control of all electrical installed appliances. Oil mist filtration allows clean, filtered air to be reintroduced to the workplace through an HEPA filter.

Oil mist can affect the health of machine operators and machinery itself, resulting in disruption to production and can settle in the workplace causing slippery floors and work surfaces. The Oil Mist Filter from Air Plants offers a reliable and efficient oil mist collection solution.

Fume and Dust Types


Oil Mist

Oil Fumes

Wet Grinding

Industry Types


Metal Working





Suits Medium to Large Sized Applications

Continous Operation 24/7

External Unit

Can be sited Internally for larger workspaces