More About COSSH and LEV

Control of Substances Hazardous to Health 2002 (C.O.S.H.H)


These Statutory Regulations stipulate the duty employers have in carrying out suitable and sufficient risk assessments and the steps they should take in protecting employees and others in the workplace.

This includes adequately preventing and controlling exposure to dust. It is crucial that those with responsibilities for safety and those working in dusty environments understand the importance of adhering to these regulations.

A COSHH assessment focusses on hazards and risks from substances within the workplace such as wood dust, and is essential prior to the use of hazardous substances. Employers should be able to demonstrate that they have identified risks and addressed them.

COSHH Essentials is a quick and simple way of assessing substances in your workplace allowing you to assess the type of controls you should put in place depending on exposure levels.

A Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) system is an extremely effective way of controlling dust. In industries such as woodworking, machines used in the workshop generate air movements which send dust out into the air and environment. LEV systems are designed to control and contain dusty air.

As well as capturing fine wood dust, an LEV system should also remove larger and heavier chips and shavings. A well designed LEV system is important in reducing risk and promoting the health and safety of those in the workplace.

An LEV system comprises of ducting, filter and fanset. Hoods are placed around the application to capture the dust and a correctly fitted hood is most important in ensuring the LEV system works effectively. Once captured, the dust travels through ducting to a filter with removes the dust from the air. Airflow created by a fan is what moves the dust. The fan must be capable of providing the total airflow required for the maximum number of machines you plan to use at any one time.

Getting the right LEV system for your workplace is paramount. For more information watch a video.

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