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Air Plants make it comfortable for Komfort

When Komfort Workspace decided to replace their old wood waste extraction system on the door manufacturing plant in Crawley, West Sussex, they selected Air Plants Dust Extraction Limited.


Komfort Workspace, part of the Sheffield Insulation Group, are one of Europe’s foremost designers and manufacturers of workplace products, and as such, has an established reputation for the provision of excellent customer service and technical support.


At Crawley, state of the art woodworking machinery is employed in cutting, processing and finishing large quantities of timber based panels which, in turn generates high levels of wood waste.


Nigel Elmes, Production Engineer at Komfort, invited Air Plants to come up with a system that would cater for the existing machinery, plus provide in-built capacity for future expansion. The main criterion was to keep the existing extraction system running during the installation, whilst keeping disruption of production to an absolute minimum.


After careful consideration of Komforts requirements, Air Plants came up with a scheme that involved the initial relocation of the existing externally sited filter and fan over a weekend, followed by the installation of an APDEL Cyclofilter and two No 90 centrifugal fans in its original location, while the old system continued to run. The internal ductwork was installed without dismantling existing ductwork, or disruption of production. Once installed, the changeover from the old system to the new was carried out over a weekend, with production up and running first thing Monday morning. Air Plants then dismantled and removed the redundant system from site, again without disrupting production.


The installed system has a total airflow capacity of 85,000m3/hr, which is almost three times the capacity of the original system’s 29,500 m3/hr. The two new fans extract a total of 34,000 m3/hr each, with 17,000 m3/hr available capacity in the Cyclofilter, for future machine extraction. The control panel supplied with the system incorporates the starters for a future third fan, so Komfort can keep future expansion costs to a minimum.


Featuring Air Plants “Advanced Filter Technology” the Cyclofilter solution is the dust extraction industry leader. Offering control of large volume waste with continual output, the Cyclofilter has “Auto Pulse Jet Cleaning” on demand and provides maximum operational efficiency with 95% separation prior to filtration. The Cyclofilter’s small footprint design allows flexible site positioning for both existing and new build applications and offers the solution for the control of all dust types, both natural and man made.


Nick Hare, Komforts Production Director has this to say.


“The new system has had a major impact upon the manufacturing plant, both in terms of improved quality of finish on our CNC machines and also the overall appearance of the factory. No longer do we have to contend with excess shavings and dust on the factory floor, as it is dealt with efficiently and effectively at source.


Air Plants have provided a professional and practical service during the installation and Lance Morley was particularly committed to helping us through what could have been a major upheaval.


The project was fairly painless and we never felt that we were disrupted in achieving production targets while the plant was being assembled”

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