Hill's Panel Products Case Study

A New High Efficiency, Low Noise Dust Extraction System

Coping with an Increased Workload

Hill’s Panel Products in Oldham, Lancashire
Providing Furniture Products and Fittings Throughout the UK

Hill’s Panel Products was formed in 1991 with the sole aim of supplying components to the furniture industry. Since that time, both the company and product range have expanded greatly to cover a huge range of full and processed sheet material, vinyl wrapped furniture doors and furniture fittings.

Although the original area of operation was Greater Manchester this has expanded greatly to include virtually the whole country and it remains Hill’s Panel Products ultimate goal to be the best supplier in the furniture industry.

Continued investment means their production processes use the latest technology, offering quality manufactured products in short lead times.

Hill’s Panel Products Site

Hill’s Panel Products employs 220 staff and now has more than 200,000 sq ft of floor space across two sites. 

Solution Required

Hill’s Panel Products asked Air Plants to replace their original Cyclone System for a larger one due to the increase in workload.

Solution Provided

The new Cyclo Filter with high efficiency, low noise fans handles wood waste including MDF and chipboard and offers automatic feeding of the storage silos.

State of the art technology means the system is informed to automatically transfer waste to the biomass boiler.

The Cyclo Filter is one of Air Plants Modular Filters and features Advanced Filter Technology, a unique filter management system offering unmatched levels of efficiency and advancements in filter design.

This extraction system also boasts:

  • AutoReverse jet filter cleaning system
  • Clean-on-demand pulse system
  • 24 hour operation
  • 95% pre-separation of waste entering the filter
  • Small footprint
  • Minimum routine maintenance.

“We have worked with Air plants for over 30 years the price was competitive, good to work with and we know the system works…First class it was more of a team exercise working together on a major project as previously.”

Stephen Hannan, 05.11.18

Works Manager, Hills Panel Products