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Installing an Air Plants Fume Extraction System can help to

Protect your employee’s and their health
Ensure compliance with Health & Safety regulations such as OSHA, NIOSH COSHH, MAK, AFNOR, or equivalent

Increase production speeds
Reduce odours, dust and vapour
Reduce complaints by operators and potential cost of health compensation claims

Reduce the cost and time of cleaning machines
Reduce product contamination
Create a safer, healthier and productive working environment

An effective way of controlling fumes is through a Local Exhaust Ventilation System or LEV System.  An LEV system captures fumes at the source via hoods. Airflow is induced into the hoods by the fanset, this carries the fumes through ducting and into the filter which removes the fumes from the air. COSHH legislation states that it is mandatory that LEV systems are tested at least every 14 months. Air Plants offer a full COSHH and LEV Assessment and fume monitoring service of all LEV systems. We also offer regular periodic maintenance services on all fume extraction equipment.

Air Plants Dust Extraction Ltd provide application designed fume extraction solutions for the safe and reliable control of fumes.
Internal and external fume extraction solutions are available and our products include the Oil Mist Filter and our range of Extraction Arms and Portable Fume Extractors.

Air Plants provide cost effective, simple and reliable fume extraction solutions, reducing workplace fumes generated to within recommended acceptable levels. Our fume extraction engineers are available to advise and ensure that your specific production requirements are met.

From design and engineering, through to the installation of your fume control system, you can trust the Air Plants team to provide the right fume extraction solution for your workplace and provide industry leading aftercare, service and maintenance, ensuring you years of trouble free reliability. 

Most industrial processes, including welding and soldering, generate fumes. In any process that involves a material being changed and manipulated, fumes can be generated and these fumes can be harmful to products and people in the work place.
Effective fume control is essential in providing protection and reducing problems associated with exposure to fumes.

Like dust, many types of fumes are hazardous to health. Continued exposure to fumes can cause some people to become permanently sensitised. When inhaled, even very small amounts of fumes, may cause asthma attacks or other respiratory diseases.

An effective fume extraction system should ideally capture fumes at the source leaving none of the harmful fumes remaining in your workplace.

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