EZT Installation

Improved Efficiency and Power Saving for EZT Mouldings LTD

A Total Solution from Air Plants Dust Extraction Ltd, providing a more efficient and modern dust extraction plant
EZT Mouldings LTD, based in Herefordshire, England, supply moulded Timber both locally and nationwide

Products Installed

Solution Provided

  • More efficient extraction plant.
  • On demand Ecogate system fitted to each machine connection.
  • Fanset is now a High Efficiency backward blade which has a 83dB rating.
  • More efficient system resulting in the customer saving on power usage.

I have known Air Plants for 50 years so have established a professional relationship with the company and have always been happy with them.
I trust Air Plants and know that I can tell them what I want and they will do it. I have never had any issues with them.
The installation team were meticulous in making sure everything was done right. The team are very, very professional and there were no problems whatsoever.
Any questions I have are always answered and I have always been satisfied with the service from Air Plants.
I am happy with the products installed and the Ecogate system is working exactly as Air Plants said it would. Although the system is new, I understand the long term benefits it will provide.


Peter Smith, EZT Ltd, 28/11/16

EZT Installation Filter and Fan
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