Ecogate and Energy Saving


Air Plants Dust Extraction EcoRange features products that are designed with energy saving in mind. With a low pressure drop and low energy consumption, the Modulair and Transair filters offer excellent energy saving dust extraction.

To find out if an EcoRange Filter would suit your requirements please contact Air Plants, we will be happy to discuss your options or recommend other filter types or dust extraction solutions.

Other energy saving solutions offered by Air Plants include wood waste heating which allows you to turn waste into energy.

Installing an Ecogate system can help to reduce electricity consumption, save energy and reduce electricity bills by up to 80%. An Ecogate system will typically pay for itself in just two years.

With the power to monitor the activity of all machines in your factory, from 12 to 200 work stations, an Ecogate system continually optimises the amount of power supplied to your fan.

To find out how Air Plants can help you to save Energy