Dust Units

Dust control for Woodworking and Automotive Industries, Schools and Colleges.

Dust Extraction Units for Wood, Plastic and Metal Dust

Mobile Dust Units

Dust Control for a range of Wood Dusts

Portable dust extraction units, available in the Mini or Maxi Turbo model. Internal dust extraction units, ideal for intermittent use.

Standard Dust Units

Dust Control for Coarse Dust

These dust extraction units can be sited internally or externally and offer excellent dust control solutions for the woodworking and automotive industry.

Multi Sleeve Dust Units

Dust Control for Fine Dust

Our Multi Sleeve dust units suit a variety of industries and applications. These dust extraction units are available with up to 33 sleeves and can be sited internally and externally, making them ideal for any sized workshop.

Shaker Dust Units

Dust Control for Very Fine Dust

Ideal for small volumes of dust, the Shaker Dust Units serve a range of industries including woodworking and boat and caravan manufacture. As well as wood dust, these dust extraction units are suited to metal work grinding dust.

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or any of our internal dust solutions

Air Plants dust units offer dust control solutions for any workshop. Our range of dust extraction units are ideal for industrial, commercial, or home production workshops.

Providing dust control solutions for dust types such as softwood, hardwood, MDF, chipboard and plastics, Air Plants dust control systems are uncomplicated and clean.

Air Plants dust units are ideal for schools and colleges that require dust control of sanders, band saws, circular saws, CNC routers and linishers etc.

Our dust units offer quality and cost effective dust control solutions for multiple industries including furniture manufacture, joinery and woodworking and the automotive industry.

The benefits of using Air Plants dust units for dust control in your workshop include:

Heavy Duty high efficient fans as standard
Ideal for intermittent use
Available with bins or plastic dust collection bags
Supplied clad or unclad
Sited Internally or Externally
Large Particle Extraction
Wheeled for portable workshop dust control
Available in 11 models
Can be sited externally
Single or three phase solutions

Our dust units are available with 1 sleeve or up to 33 sleeves and function at 1020m per hour to 5100m per hour.

At Air Plants providing a safe working environment for our customers is paramount. All of our dust extraction units comply with COSHH and E.P.A requirements.

There are dust units available, suited to coarse and fine dust and for large and small volumes of wood dust.

See our range of dust extraction spares where you can order and enquire about replacements for your dust extraction system, including dust collection bags, zest fasteners and sleeve support hoops.

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