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Over 50,000 dust extraction installations since 1897 providing internal and external dust extraction solutions. Industry leading aftercare, service and maintenance, including LEV testing.

Air Plants Dust Extraction Systems

Baghouse Dust Collectors, Cyclone Dust Collectors and Cartridge Dust Collectors

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Air Plants Dust Extraction Ltd are at the forefront of research, design and engineering. Our extensive range of products present dust extraction solutions for any workplace.

Made using British manufactured components, our dust extraction equipment offers excellent safety, reliability and control of dust for a range of dust and industry types.

Our application designed dust extraction solutions, based on the specific needs and requirements of your workspace, are expertly tailored for each client and workplace and Air Plants are proud to consistently offer their clients dust extraction solutions that provide optimum control of dust and waste.

A dust extractor system is an air improvement system which works to extract, capture, convey and collect. Dust extractor systems are used in industrial, commercial, and home production shops.  Dust extraction solutions are highly effective in improving breathable air quality and safety.


A dust extraction system works by removing particulate substance such as wood dust, from the air and environment.

Firstly, the dust is extracted by a fan and is then captured, usually with devices such as capture hoods which catch dust at its source of origin. Often, the machine or application producing the dust will have a port to which a duct can be directly attached.

Next, the dust must be conveyed via a ducting system. The ducting system must be accurately sized to maintain a consistent air velocity in turn keeping the dust in suspension for transportation to the collection device. A duct of the wrong size can lead to material settling in the duct system causing clogging.

Lastly, the dust enters the Filter and is collected. The means of filtration will depend on the application and the dust type being handled. Ranging from a simple bag filter featured in our dust unit range or a cyclonic separator featured in our Cyclone Dust Collector.

You can rely on Air Plants to provide the perfect dust extraction solution from design through to installation. Accompanied with our industry leading aftercare, you can trust in our products for years of trouble free reliability.

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