Cutwrights Ltd Case Study

When Cutwrights Ltd decided it was time to expand their operation and move to new larger premises, they selected Air Plants Dust Extraction Limited to supply and install the dust extraction system serving their new and relocated machines.

Cutwrights offer an online cutting and edge banding service to the trade and retail. Whether it be a single panel or a lorryload Cutwrights have built up a customer base of thousands in the south east from their premises near Heathrow Airport. With a stocklist covering over four hundred different boards and two internet connected beam saws operating all day, waste minimisation is important to Cutwrights.

 Cutwrights have created their own cloud based offcut management system to live stock large offcuts. But with the volume of work still a large amount of dust is produced and Cutwrights concluded the most environmental solution was effective dust collection together with a combustion system for workshop heating.

 After careful consideration of Cutwrights requirements, Air Plants came up with a scheme that involved the installation of an Air Plants Modulair Filter and 8/8 centrifugal fan, ducted to all their machines. The installed system has a total airflow capacity of 15,300 M³/Hr (see installation below).

 The air and extracted dust is moved from the machines into the Modulair filter via an 8/8 centrifugal fan with 22kW motor.The heavier particles fall directly into the trough hopper below, where it is continuously discharged via a screw conveyor and rotary airlock. The light particles are separated through the 56 filter bags on top of the unit. The cleaned air is discharged back into the workshop.

 A shredder is also supplied as part of the package. This allows Cutwrights to reduce their solid waste and transfer it to the combustion system via the extraction system.

 The system is capable of being easily extended to provide additional filter area, should the extraction requirements need to be expanded to cater for future needs.

 The collected waste is discharged directly into the storage bunker of a Talbott’s T3A wood combustion system. The heat from the combustion system is used to warm the factory during the heating season and discharged to atmosphere during the warmer months.

 The system provides Cutwrights with efficient and effective dust control, whilst allowing them to dispose of their solid waste and collected dust in a cost effective way, saving on waste removal, land fill and factory heating fuel costs at the same time.