Central Vacuum System | Hi-Vacuum

High Performance Hand Tool Extraction

Air Plants centralised dust extraction systems are fitted with high efficiency filters, can generate considerable energy savings and create a cleaner workplace and tools, reducing maintenance and time and reducing the cost of material and energy.

Our on tool, hi vacuum systems offer a power range from 1.5kW to 15kW to suit all requirements and are suitable for small to medium sized applications.

These localised extraction systems are safe and reliable and our single pump models are ATEX certified.

Central Vacuum System
HE1101-HE1501 & HE501i-HE1801i
Double Pump
Hi Vacuum for on tool extraction
HE201, HE501 & HE901
Single Pump

ATEX Extraction Systems

Rupes line of ATEX extraction turbines extract potentially explosive dust generated by the sanding process. Harmful dust is extracted and collected inside the ATEX turbines, providing a high level of protection from the risk of explosion in the workplace.

Suitable for collecting fine dust during many industrial processes including sanding, bodywork, shipbuilding and carpentry.
For use in Zone 22 [according to Directive 99/9EC]
Comforms to ATEX standard [94/9/EC]


HE201, HE501 & HE901 available for Zone 22

Double Pump Turbines 

The ideal solution for centralised extraction systems. Minimum investment costs for excellent extraction performance and energy efficiency.

Double-pump turbine models are available from 3+3 kW to 5.5+5.5 kW.

Turbines with Inverter System

The ideal solution for centralised extraction systems that demand maximum extraction performance and energy efficiency.

Turbine with INVERTER SYSTEM models are available from 5.5kW to 15kW.

Hi Vacuum turbine

Up to 20,000 hours maintenance free

HE 201 Turbine 2,2 kW – 3 HP
HE 501 Turbine 3 kW – 4 HP
HE 901 Turbine 5,5 kW – 7,5 HP

HE 1101 Turbine 6 kW – 8 HP
HE 1401 Turbine 8 kW – 11 HP
HE 1501 Turbine 11 kW – 15 HP

HE 501i   Turbine 3 kW – 7,5 HP
HE 901i   Turbine 5,5 kW – 7,5 HP
HE 1301i Turbine 7,5 kW – 10 HP
HE 1801i Turbine 15 kW – 20 HP

Hi Vacuum filter drum

Automatic Filter Drum Lifting

When the front panel is open, the automatic system lifts the filtering element allowing the dust container to be easily and quickly removed.

Hi Vacuum base

Simple Installation

The base is designed to make handling with forklifts and pallet trucks easy. Positioning and installation is fast and simple.

Safe, Efficient and Reliable On-Tool Extraction Systems

Energy Saving

Unique design of double-pump turbines and turbines with inverter system reduce energy consumption and create energy savings.

Cost Reduction

Control panel monitors filter status in real time. Restore and improve maximum filtering efficiency, reducing maintenance on the turbine and cutting costs.

High Performance

High vacuum suction pumps ensure optimum performance. Cleaner and more efficient abrasives create a high quality finish.

Less Maintenance

Power tools used in conjunction with an efficient central vacuum system require considerably less maintenance.

Longer Tool Life

Reduced airborne contamination results in the extended life of tools and helps to maintain the effectiveness of tools.

Healthier Workplace

High efficiency filters can almost eliminate the presence of airborne sanding residue and provide a clean and healthy environment.

High Efficiency Filters

Class M PTFE filters for optimum extraction efficiency and performance in a number of applications. Pleated structure allows a high filtering surface, up to 8m².

Extremely Quiet and Powerful

High extration capabilities combined with efficient acoustic insulation materials reduces noise for a quieter and comfortable work place.

Safe and Reliable

Protection and safety devices provide preventative intervention to cut the risk of failures and repair works for the entire service life of the turbine.

Product Features

Suitable for small to medium sized applications

Internal unit

Full shift with break

Integrated automatic start up feature

Automatic cleaning system

Easy to read control panel with LED guage

Electricity supply 380v

For 3-10 tools 

Dust Types


Industry Type


Furniture Manufacture



Cyclonic Filtration System filters up to 80% of the dust load

  • Excellent filtration
  • Reduces stress on the PTFE filter cartridge, improving the PTFE’s efficiency
  • Rotational motion and gravity seperate dust from the air flow without the use of filters
  • Filter cartridge is protected, dust particles are forced to slow down and fall into the capture area

Class M PTFE filters with filtering surface up to 8m²

  • Cyclonic PTFE membrane increases the endurance of the cartridge filter
  • Resistance to air jet cleaning cycles ensures that filtering performance remains consistent
  • Filters up to 99.9%, even when the dust is very fine
  • Special structure reduces the risk of clogging
  • Versatile and effective in a variety of sanding applications including plastic, metal and wood

Rotor Jet System

The controlled rotary, compressed air jet cleaning system removes dust from the filtering surface, maintaining the highest level of extraction

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