Cartridge Dust Collector| Jetair Filter

An excellent solution for the control of high-grade and fine dust particles

External unit

Suitable for medium to large sized applications

For high volume and constant use

Continuous operation 24/7

Advanced Filter Technology

Auto-Pulse Jet Cleaning 24 hours on demand

Anti Static PTFE coated cartridges

Compliance with COSHH & E.P.A requirements

Recirculated cleaned air can reduce heat loss and control heating costs

jetair filter cartridge dust collector
Air Plants Cartridge Dust Collector

Our Cartridge Dust Collector, the Air Plants Jetair Filter, provides extraction for medium to large sized applications. This externally sited cartridge dust collector provides excellent dust control for a range of dust types including paper, carbon fibre and lead pigments. The Jetair cartridge dust collector and is suited to several industry types including printing, pharmaceutical and automotive industries.

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