Biomass Heat Systems

Biomass Heat System

Biomass Heating Boilers

Air Plants Biomass Heat Systems offer a technically simple and cost effective solution to heating buildings whilst reducing carbon emissions. Our hand crafted Biomass Heating Boilers are versatile and robust and cater for a variety of requirements from country estates to commercial, public sector buildings and industrial applications.
Air Plants Biomass Heat Systems are deal for the production of carbon neutral energy using either biomass wood chips or pellets.

MWE ‘Modern Wood Energy’ Range

Incorporate automatic de-ash, heat exchange cleaning, oxygen trim ‘lambda control’ as standard

Efficient, clean and complete combustion

Five sizes available from 199kW, 300kW, 600kW, 999kW and 1500kW
(Larger sizes expected to be available soon)

Boiler based units, eligible for the Governments renewable heat incentive scheme (RHI) where they have RHI emissions certification

Biomass Fuel Types:

Wood Pellets
Wood Chips

Modern Wood Energy Range

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