BD Living Case Study

A quieter system which eliminates wood waste, cuts costs and environmental footprint

Offering a return on investment of approximately 2 and a half years

BD Living, based in Coalville in Leicestershire is the bedroom division of Barratt Developments PLC.

Since 1958, building over 400,000 houses, Barratt have become one of the best known and largest house builders in the UK and have achieved 5 star house builder status for the last 8 years.

Barratt Developments PLC includes Barratt Homes, David Wilson Homes, Barratt London and Wilson Bowden Developments. Combined, these businesses build and sell thousands of new homes in towns and rural areas, helping to meet Britain’s growing housing needs and providing homes for all incomes, including shared ownership.

BD Living create stunning bedroom furniture solutions for these new homes. Maximising on space and style, their practical and functional furniture optimises on the space available with floor to ceiling and wall to wall solutions available in an array of colours and finishes including gloss, mirrored and woodgrain effect.

BD Living furniture is crafted to the highest of standards and offers cutting edge and contemporary classic styles. Their fully customised products provide ingenious solutions to suit all homes, lifestyles and storage needs.

BD Living Factory

Approximately 65 people are employed at the 25,000 square foot BD Living Coalville factory where the manufacture, assembly and picking of wardrobe and marketing suite parts and components takes place.

Previous System

Previously BD Living were disposing of 270 tonnes of wood waste each year and their factory was heated by an overhead radiant gas system.

Solution Required

BD Living wanted to reduce the cost both financially and environmentally of disposing of their woodwaste and decided to invest in a biomass boiler and shredder. They also took the opportunity to upgrade their wood waste extraction system during the works.

Solution Provided

  • Air Plants Transair Filter
  • This Baghouse Dust Collector is externally sited and complies with ATEX, COSHH and E.P.A requirements.
  • Via hoods, wood dust is collected from various machines in the factory and travels outside to the Transair filter via ducting.
  • The filter features an Air Plants ATEX certified heavy duty, high efficiency quiet running radial fan with typical efficiency of up to 85%.
  • Collected wood waste drops through an Air Plants ATEX certified rotary valve into the Biomass storage silo.
  • Large particles of wood dust travel back inside via the screw conveyor and travel into the wood waste boiler.
  • The wood waste from the storage silo is metered into the biomass boiler to provide useful heat within the factory, all of which is accredited on The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).
  • Heat from the biomass boiler is distributed within the factory by an overhead pipework system.
  • Wood waste from the factory is also collected by staff. This is deposited into the wood shredder and the chip produced travels via the dust extraction system and into the biomass boiler.
  • During the warmer months, the heat is released outside via a dissipater.
Wood dust extraction from multiple applications
Transair Filter BD Living Installation
Biomass Boiler BD Living Installation
LR700 Wood Shredder BD Living Installation
BD Living Factory with Externally sited Baghouse Dust Collector
BD Living Showroom
Wood Shredder and Biomass Boiler
Wood waste heating system
Wood waste is tipped into the Untha shredder
LR700 Wood Shredder