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Waste fed Automatically

We offer two ranges of Automatically fed products

Automatically Fed

Air Plants offers a range of automated systems which uses some of the most advanced control techniques to make sure the clean and smoke free utilisation of a variety of waste wood or biomass fuels. There are two ranges available, the T range and C Range.

T Range Automatic Units T3A – TMA


C Range Automatic Units C1 – C6


  • This range of units produce hot air for factory spacing heating up to 300kW
  • Utilises wood chippings, hardwood, softwood, MDF and chipboard
  • Practical low maintenance
  • Robust construction with ceramic lined combustion zone
  • Storage bunkers can be manually or automatically fed via a transfer system
  • Clean Air Act exempt whilst burning such fuels as MDF, chipboard, hardwood and softwood
  • Three sizes are available – 100kW, 150kW and 300kW
  • Automatic units for the combustion of extracted and shredded wood waste
  • Designed to provide efficient warm air or hot water
  • Ideal for the production of carbon neutral energy or process heat demands
  • Hot water versions are eligible for the Governments Renewable Heat Incentive
  • Preheated fuel and combustion air
  • Practical low maintenance design
  • Vertical tube heat exchange
  • Stainless steel impregnated pre-cast ceramic lining for long-life expectancy
  • Different design pressures available on request
  •  Robust construction with ceramic lined combustion zone
  • Clean Air Act exempt up to 300kW whilst burning such fuels as MDF, chipboard, hardwood and softwoods
  • Eight sizes available – 50kW, 100kW, 150kW, 195kW, 300kW, 600kW, 950kW and 1MW


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